Harvey Gray

Education and Background

  • Engineering at Rice University and Texas Tech
  • Geophysical/Oil Exploration - twenty six years
    • Standard Oil of New Jersey - two years
    • Geophysical Service Inc. - twenty years
    • NOR PAC Exploration - two years
    • Daniel Geophysical Inc. - two years

Environmental Training

  • Qualified Environmental Professional able to conduct Environmental Site Assessments under the ASTM E 1527-13
  • Forty (40) hours - Underground Storage Tank Workshop at Georgia Tech in 1989
  • Forty (40) hours - Hazardous Material Training - Dames and Moore, Inc. in 1989. Wanted to attend a training program that developed a remedial action and safety plan with a good knowledge of site conditions.
  • Forty (40) hours - Inland Oil Spill Control Course -Texas A & M - TEEX
  • Environmental Site Assessment - Phase I, II and III - Texas A&M - TEEX
  • Road Map to Remediation - Texas A & M - TEEX
  • Confined Space Entry - Safety Training - Texas A & M - TEEX
  • Required refresher training courses for A and B licenses, Environmental Site Assessment, Corrective Action Project Manager and Hazwoper training in accordance with 29 CFR 1910.120. - Texas A & M - TEEX

Licenses and Registrations

  • TMS Environmental Austin LLC is no longer providing services related to underground storage tanks or geoscience.


  • Underground storage tank installation, removal, upgrade, and repair in Alabama, Florida, Georgia and Texas.
  • Soil Remediation for hydrocarbon contamination around underground storage tanks and oil field crude contamination with dig and haul, burn and bio-remediation technology.
  • Cleaned up sites with elevated levels of DDT, DOE, Benzo[a] pyrene and Pyrene.
  • Emergency Response to fires in stores that sold pesticides and insecticides. Major effort was to prevent these chemicals from getting into the storm drain and natural waterways, then cleaning up the contaminants.
  • Have responded to emergency diesel and gasoline spills in the Austin area due to highway wrecks.
  • Have completed many Risk Based Site Assessments for locations in Texas.

Construction Experience

  • Water Quality Ponds
  • Detention Ponds
  • Retention Ponds
  • Water Drainage Systems